Huawei G7 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware B340


Huawei G7 is a very stylish smartphone from Huawei with large display. In this article, i will show you how to install latest firmware version for this smartphone, which is currently running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. I will show you more tutorials for install it and important steps are showed on the video. The article is constantly update by myself to always brings the best user experience with your Huawei smartphone.

An important information for the start – before you start to do anything with your Android phone, do the backup of your personal data. It is only for your safety in a case that something goes wrong or any mistake happens. In that case you can use the backup to restore the data and try to do everything once again. Each tutorial has been done many times to verify its propriety, so just read carefully all instructions and continue step by step. The major part of every file has been created by myself and every file has been tested on the corresponding phone. In this guideline related to the Huawei G7 you can find some photos and videos showing how to proceed, but the most important thing are the below written manuals. And one more thing – i really like that you choose Huawei smartphone or tablet for you, it is a good choice. You can upgrade your phone to the new firmware, but you can also make a downgrade, but there is one important difference. When you are making upgrade, all your data are safe. But when you make downgrade, all your data will be removed.

One more Warning for now – Huawei produce more types of every smartphone, so Huawei Mate S in Chine is not totally similar with Huawei Mate S in Europe. That is main reason, why there is chance, that you will download new firmware from this site, but when you start an update, there will be problem with installing and the phone will write something like – Software Install Failed. It is not a big problem, because your original firmware is still in your phone, but this mean that you need to find the corresponding firmware version for your smartphone. This can be also problem, when you are installing some kind of OTA (OverTheAir) update. When there is the OTA update available, there is always an information about version, which you have to be running before you start this OTA. For example if you want to install the OTA update number B331 for Huawei Mate 7, you need to be on the version B324 first. There is also many CUSTC numbers (every region and market can have different CUSTC – it mean, where the phone was originally sell), so also check this thing, before you start. But phone allow you only install the corresponding version, so go for it…

How to install Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware B340
1. first of all, check your firmware version (if you already have the latest one, you do not need this tutorial)
2. make backup of all your personal data and charge a battery in your phone to 100% (optional)
3. download Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware CUSTC432 B340 for Huawei G7
4. unzip downloaded file in your computer
5. create folder dload in root of your internal storage or on your microSD card and place the file here (video below show it)
6. go to settings/update and hit menu button and than choose Local update
7. if you copy the file correctly, there will be this file shown now, tap on it and start installation
8. wait until update is done, you have latest firmware in your smartphone