Unlock Bootloader on Huawei smartphones


Huawei smartphones comes to us with locked bootloader, but it is very asy to unlock it and than you can enjoy many advantages. You can install TWRP and unofficial ROMs, you can root your smartphone or you can very easy update firmware in your smartphone (Huawei P10, Huawei Mate 9). Today i will show you how to unlock bootloader in your Huawei device.

Important information for the start – before you start to do anything with your Android phone, do the backup of your personal data. When you unlocked bootloader of your Huawei smartphone, all your data in internal storage will be removed (and it will be same very time you unlock your bootloader). Data in microSD card are safe, so it is good idea to make backup to your microSD card or to your computer. One more information for now – if you unlock your bootloader for manual firmware update (with stock firmware), at the end your bootloader will be locked again. So no problem with warranty. That is why i unlock bootloader on many of my Huawei smartphones – it brings many advantages and i can lock it anytime. But now we can go for unlocking tutorial.

How to unlock bootloader on Huawei smartphones
1. first of all, make backup of your personal data (you can use application in phone or download HiSuite)
2. enable developer options by going to settings/about phone and tapping on build number multiple times, than in developer options enable USB debugging and OEM unlock
3. connect your smartphone to your computer and install ADB and fastboot drivers
4. download and unzip Android Platform Tools (ADB and fastboot tools)
5. go to Huawei site, login with your Huawei ID and continue to download/unlock bootloader
6. fill the form to get your bootloader unlock code, than copy generated code
7. connect your phone to computer, start command line (in folder, where you unzip Android Platform tools) and run command adb reboot bootloader
8. your phone will reboot and now type fastboot oem unlock code (where code is your specific unlock code)
9. confirm bootloader unlock on your Huawei smartphone
10. wait few minutes until phone will erase all your data, your bootloader is unlocked